Bambaw Insulated Steel Bottle 500ml Bambaw Insulated Steel Bottle 500ml Bambaw Insulated Steel Bottle 500ml
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Bambaw Insulated Steel Bottle 500ml

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One million water bottles are sold every minute around the world, and the number is rising.

Unfortunately, Plastic bottles are often used once before being thrown away. After being disposed of, they need up to 500 years to break down.

Plastic bottled water is toxic, the World Health Organisation discovered that 90% of the most popular bottled water brands contained tiny pieces of plastic called micro-plastic.

Think sustainable, drink reusable; it is better for the environment and for your health.

BYOB – Bring Your Own Bottle

Always have a reusable, BPA-free water bottle with you to fill up while underway, it is crucial to stay hydrated wherever you go.

Whether you are hiking, out in the city or in the office. This swap helps you to refuse single-use plastic bottles.

Plastic free drinks at home

At home it is even easier to refuse plastic drinks. You can use tap water which contains less micro-plastics than bottled water. Instead of buying the plastic packed soda or iced tea, you can find great recipes to make them yourself. This will be much better for your health to avoid ingesting micro-plastics.