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Hing Organics Yoga Candle Triple Pack

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Yoga ljus startpaket med 3 härliga dofter:
Sthira med ekologiska eteriska oljor av: kanel, kryddnejlika, patchouli, cederträd och citrongräs.
Sukha med ekologiska eteriska oljor av: lavendel, geranium och bergamot.
Prana med ekologiska eteriska oljor av: muskot, bergamot, rosmarin, citrongräs och gran.


This scent inspires the quality of steadiness, firmness and the ability to stay grounded on earth. With steady roots we are able to grow and blossom as human beings, get strong and nourish the true wisdom within. When we nourish this grounded quality in our body, mind and soul, we also inspire others to stay grounded and steady too. This earthy organic scent will embrace the roots of your subtle body, and let you feel where you stand. In yoga, when Sthira is practiced, steadiness of the mind will be established, and inspire it to stay calm and focused.


This scent inspires the life force energy within to flow freely. According to yoga philosophy, Prana flows where life is. Where space is created, Prana arises. In Yoga, we create space in our bodys to let this force to flow more freely. When this subtle energy arises we are bright, sparkling, healthy and when Prana is balanced, we become more resillient to stress. This is an invitation to sparkle from your deepest creative energy, through your pure consiousness.


This scent inspires you to sense the spaces within. The spaces in between bones and muscles. Between muscle and skin. Between thoughts. Between breaths. To get a sense of these good spaces we need to practice observing them. In yoga, we embrace the idea that there are spaces in between everything, where we can rest and find ease. With this ease, we can find the lightness of the body and mind in the asanas (postures) and in life. In our relationships and within ourselfes. Lightness and ease of the body will inspire the lightness and joy of the mind. And vice versa.